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How to Use
Just follow the simple 1-2-3-4 steps and you know how to use it.
Easy and Ready to Use.
Hold the Spray Can in your fist.
Stretch your arm straight.
Aim at the attacker's face while pressing the button.
Keep the button pressed for longer duration,
However if the suspect is under the influence of DRUGS or ALCOHOL keep the nozzle pressed down, till the desired effect is achieved. The unique design with a THUMB-CUT DOME guides your thumb for instant use even in the dark. It comes with a CLIP-ON for keeping it in your pocket or belt. Carry it as an accessory in your bag or purse. Keep it on your car dashboard while driving. Keep it close to your home door. You never know when you might need it.
Carry ‘The Bodyguard Spray’ for self-defense in any unwanted situation, like

While walking in Dark and Lonely streets
Carrying cash unarmed
Walking or driving alone
Senior citizens alone at home
Absence of male member in the house
Work place
Dog attacks
Attacks from wild animals
Think in advance how you want to carry your pepper spray. In a typical assault, you get no warnings and you will get attacked when you least expect it. Carry your pepper spray with you whenever possible, and keep it in the same place. You can put it in a loose outer pocket of a jacket or inside a pants pocket, or in a purse with an open pocket. Try a few different carrying methods and find good accessible locations for you.
Practice and make sure you can draw it quickly in an emergency situation.
Unique features
Easy and ready to use
THUMB-CUT DOME for instant use even in the dark.
Spray nozzle always points towards attacker’s face
Spray reaching upto 7 ft
Rapid action within seconds
Disabling the attacker for 30 to 45 minutes
Every bottle ‘test sprayed’ before shipping
Non toxic, non lethal and no permanent after effects
Tested and Certified from government approved lab
Most economical brand available in market
American formula with maximum strength
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