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What is ‘The Bodyguard Spray’?
The Bodyguard Spray is a SELF DEFENSE PEPPER SPRAY (Aerosol), containing extracts (“O.C”) Oleo resin Capsaicin, extracted from Red Chili and Pepper. It is an effective means of non-lethal, non-toxic self-defense for people concerned with personal safety and security. And it is tested and Certified from government approved labs
How does it work?
The Bodyguard Spray contains natural chili concentrate (Oleoresin Capsaicin) which is about 20 times stronger than chili which we are using in Kitchen. It is under pressure in the aerosol can. When sprayed, the mixture comes out with pressure and the range is about 5-7 feet. It instantly but temporarily swells mucus membrane and irritates eyes of the attacker, incapacitating him, giving you enough time to run away or call for help. The effect remains for minimum 30-45 minutes. It also works on drunk or mentally unstable person. It can also be used on any attacking animals like stray dogs etc.
How effective is Pepper Spray & what are the effects?
When sprayed with Pepper Spray, the immediate effect is of severe burning sensation in the eyes (thus shutting them). Apart from this the liquid also penetrates the skin pores & creates a burning sensation from within. The spray causes very heavy irritation in the mucus membrane inside the nasal cavity, the overall effect of these factors renders the attacker completely helpless and in very high degree of pain and burning for 30-45 minutes.
How long do the effects last?
For the complete effects to wear off takes up to 2-3 hrs, however the maximum effect is for 30-45 minutes when the attacker is completely helpless & in a very high degree of pain & discomfort, unable to open his eyes and is brought to his knees without any power to do any harm.
Does it have any permanent effects?
Pepper Spray has no known permanent effects, the initial 30-45 minutes of high discomfort & pain and 2-3 hrs of discomfort are the only effects.
Is it Legal?
Yes, it is legal to use in India for Self Defense. Use of this device for any purpose other than self-defense is a criminal offence.
Is a license required to carry this?
Under the “ARMS Act”, license is required only for “Fire Arms” (containing gun powder & explosive ingredients); hence no license is required for Pepper Spray.
Do I need any special training to operate it?
No. The Bodyguard Spray is as simple to operate as a room freshener or a mosquito spray. Just aim at the attacker's face and press the button. The specially designed thumb-cut Dome guides and helps the user to press the button instantly even in dark. The spray nozzle always points towards the attacker's face to avoid misfire. The Can is designed for single hand operation, freeing the other hand to ward off the attacker.
How much should once spray on an attacker?
Usually a half second burst to an assailant’s eyes is enough, however if the suspect is under the influence of DRUGS or ALCOHOL (which increase the resistance to pain) press the nozzle, till the desired effect is achieved.
In case of accidental contact/discharge, what is the remedy?
In case of accidental contact or discharge, do not rub the area of contact. As this will only aggravate the situation, the only remedy for this is to flush with running water; effects wear off after some time. Be calm and start cleaning with Water, Baby Shampoo, Milk, Ice etc provides best result. The effect should go off in half an hour, if even after an hour the effect remains then, consult a Physician.
How big is the can?
The can is small (35 diameter and about 85 mm length), can easily be carried in a purse or pocket. It contains about 35 grams (55ml) of product, sufficient to take care of 6-8 attackers. It can be sprayed continuously for about 9 seconds or about 18 bursts of ½ second each. Remember the Aerosol container is Pressurized so avoid puncturing, direct exposure to sunlight or exposure to heat more than 60 Degree Celsius (The can Might Burst causing Injury).
In a nutshell, how strong is ' The Bodyguard Spray' ?
In a nutshell, The Bodyguard Spray is at least 20 times stronger/hotter than the chili powder used in our kitchen every day. But remember it is not Edible
At what temperature should I store ‘The Bodyguard Spray’?
Do not leave your ‘The Bodyguard Spray’ in any area that may exceed 60C or drop below -10C. Excessive heat or cold may cause the Can to leak or burst.
Can I carry ‘The BodyGuard Spray’ on an airplane?
You may carry one Can in your checked luggage only. Sprays are not allowed in carry-on luggage or a hand baggage at any time in the passenger area.
Unique features
Easy and ready to use
THUMB-CUT DOME for instant use even in the dark.
Spray nozzle always points towards attacker’s face
Spray reaching upto 7 ft
Rapid action within seconds
Disabling the attacker for 30 to 45 minutes
Every bottle ‘test sprayed’ before shipping
Non toxic, non lethal and no permanent after effects
Tested and Certified from government approved lab
Most economical brand available in market
American formula with maximum strength
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